Bližší informace o pilotech, kteří podpořili tiskové edice svými podpisy.

P/O Wilfred Max Sizer served with No 213 Squadron flying Hurricane's during the Battle of  Britain. He had 4 Kills during the Battle.

Mike E. Croskell – No 213 Sq. Hurricane pilot

P/O Richard Leoline Jones fought throughout the Battle of Britain with No 64 Squadron & No 19 Squadron in Spitfires. Later in the war he became a test pilot with De Haviland.


Sgt T.C.Iveson of No 616 Squadron crash landed his Spitfire I (R6690) into the sea on the 16th of September 1940 at 10:30hrs and was saved. He ran out of fuel chasing a Ju 88 off Cromer.

Trevor Gray - No 64 Sq flew Spitfires.
P/O William L.B.Walker of No 616  Squadron  was wounded on the 26th of August 1940 at 12:00hrs. He baled out of his Spitfire I (R6701) into the sea off Dover with a wounded foot. He was picked up.

Sgt. Ray Sellers joined No 111 Squadron on the 17th of August 1940. and he had 34 hrs logged on Hurricane's.  He logged 122 flying hours during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down on the 26th of August 1940 during combat with a couple of Bf 110's over Essex. He then transferred to No 46 Squadron at Stapelford Tawney  (a satellite airfield for North Weald ) on the 18th of September after recovering in hospital. The day that the Squadron lost Sgt.G.

Stanislaw 'Bob' Nawarski - Poland
- 4 kills all 109s- 176 missions. Escaped from France in 1940, joined RAF in June 1940, shot down and wounded by 109s whilst ferrying an unarmed Hurricane to a Squadron (missed the Battle of

Britain due to his injuries). Back in action from 1941-45, 302 and 316 Squadrons.


Christopher Nightingdale - Joined RAF in 1935, trained many Polish pilots to

fly the Hurricane before and during the Battle of Britain including

Zurakowski, Martel, 'Breezy' and 'Sneezy'. Later saw action as a Bomber

Command Lancaster pilot in 1945.

Frantisek Mlejnecky - Czechoslovakia

Mlejnecký, František      1  confirmed and 1 damage aircraft

Units: ELD Chartres,GC II/10,GC I/6,


but some sources named him as a pilot of No 312 Sq not No 310 !

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